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Oxygen Art Centre (presenter, Nelson,BC)  is rural-based multidisciplinary artist-run centre that works to stimulate the creation, exhibition and discussion of contemporary art in all disciplines. Oxygen Art Centre is particularly interested in work with regional relevance, cross-discipline work and work that engages audiences in participatory processes. Oxygen Art Centre was founded as the Nelson Fine Art Centre Society in 2002 by former writing and visual art faculty at the Kootenay School of Art. The Oxygen Art Centre is a 900 sq ft. renovated warehouse space and serves as a studio, gallery space and residency centre.


Amita Daniels (event producer, Vancouver, BC)



Rosemary Georgeson (event producer, Vancouver, BC)  is a Coast Salish / Dene storyteller, playwright, and filmmaker with over twenty years of experience in the performing arts community.  Her work honours the knowledge that has been passed down through generations of her family, particularly her connection to water and fish. The stories that she tells are rooted within the histories of her own ancestors and are intended to be shared with a wide audience, sparking conversations and questions, and deepening people's connections to their own stories, ancestors, and homelands.  She is particularly interested in telling stories that have been marginalized or silenced, and ethically she feels that this work must be inter-generational and cross-cultural. Most of the projects that she has been involved with have started with a question, a missing part of the past, or a person who is not in the archives. Temple of Our Madness: Summoning fulfills this interest to bring forward the voices of women to speak and sing to those who are missing.