(No Words)

“This show is incredible…beautiful…I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

“Overwhelmingly beautiful.  This was such a surprise. At a loss for words. Beautiful and emotionally moving and touching.”

“An atmosphere of honouring that is deeply moving. Miigwetch to the festival!”

“Time stops. Amazing.”

“Hopeful, peaceful, beautiful, encouraging, healing. “

“Thank you so much for this.  Profoundly moving and deeply powerful to be embraced by these voices and held. Thank you.”

“Very moving and beautiful.  So rare to have time/space to contemplate our personal experiences as women, mothers, daughters, & grandmothers.  Thank you!!”

“Very powerful. Like standing in a dream.”

“Oddly soothing for something reflecting on violence. Not in a bad way – but in a way that I was able to listen and absorb – and hear the voices of women. Thank you. A beautiful, moving and powerful work of art.”

“Very quietly powerful & haunting at the same time.  I appreciate all the work that must have gone into this project.” 

“This performance/audio piece is deeply moving and beautiful.”

“The voices, whispered of women, together with singing, chanting, and throat singing was powerful and mesmerizing.  I simply let myself experience it.”

“Thank you. Soul-washing – a great experience, just what I needed to today.”

“WOW! Summoning blew my heart WIDE open!”