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Summoning is suitable for festivals of all kinds, galleries and community spaces. The temple is child and family friendly, in fact kids love the temple.

               "It's too beautiful to resist!" 4 yr old Eliana, Midsummer Music Festival, Smithers, BC

The project can be experienced on many levels, from a restful sanctuary to a profound healing experience to an opportunity for teachings on violence against women and reconciliation. Children are fascinated by the music and by interactive nature of the work. Many visitors return again and again during the course of a festival weekend.

               "Deep dive into soul in the midst of the bright light of the festival. A refreshing, revitalizing haven." Audience                        Comment, Midsummer Music Festival, Smithers, BC 

               "Walking by the exhibit, unsure of what it was, I was invited in and very moved by the piece Summoning."                            Audience Comment, Heart of the City Festival, Vancouver, BC

               "Oddly soothing for something reflecting on violence. Not in a bad way – but in a way that I was able to listen                      and absorb – and hear the voices of women. Thank you. A beautiful, moving and powerful work of                                      art." Audience Comment, Heart of the City Festival, Vancouver, BC


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Please contact us if you are not sure if the temple will work in your space. We have played small dance studios and massive quonset hut hangers. The temple is adaptable. 

Summoning Installation Specs and Equipment list

Summoning Installation Floorplan