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Community Participation

Participation is simple.

We request women to send us a recorded, spoken poem or invocation honouring women and girls and invoking transformation and change.

The invocation can be of your own creation, from your tradition or from a tradition you respect. You are welcome to speak for a woman you know, or know of, or are welcome to offer your piece to any and all women and girls.

Participants are encouraged to record the invocation in their own language, on a recording device such as a phone, a digital audio recorder or a computer. Sound quality is less important than participation.  

Piece of 10 - 30 seconds in length and saved as MP3, MP4 or WAV files are preferred.

Once your invocation is recorded, email it to us. If voice recording is difficult, participants are welcome to write their prayer and email it to us as text.

If we receive text, we will attempt to have a native speaker of the your language record your words.

The gathered recordings will then be programmed into the installation and the website. 

If you wish to be on our email list for updates on our progress please add your email here. Please feel welcome to return to this site which will be updated as the project unfolds.

Need help? Please see:  DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS

Do you have more questions about the project? Feel free to ask us directly.